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Labour Specialists Employer Solutions was established in January 2004. The Company has a Team of Attorneys, Labour Consultants, Interpreters, Call Centre Agents and Support Staff.We are based at Ground Floor MB House, 635/ 641 Ridge Road (Peter Mokaba Ridge), Morningside, Durban  with professional facilities to conduct hearings, counselling sessions and group staff meetings.

The core business of the Company is Labour Dispute Resolution through the process of conciliation, mediation and arbitration informally and formally. Arising from its interaction with Corporate and medium to small business clients, the company has a substantial commercial dispute resolution division. This sector provides an add on service to its client In managing disputes between the client and its customers and often managerial and director disputes through conciliation and mediation.

The novel approach of the Practice is to stay clear of an adversarial approach and promote the resolution of disputes by inquisitorial dynamic dispute resolution skills. The ‘’come lets talk approach’’ has helped its clients save millions in protracted litigation and lawyers fees. This has been the hallmark of the success of the company, over the past ten years and remarkably attracted clientele by ‘’word of mouth’’.  Amazingly several attorneys have opted to use the company’s services to resolve disputes. Slant towards labour disputes has  allowed the Company to engage in the intricacies of conciliation , mediation and arbitration at the CCMA and outside. With the assertive policies of Labour Unions, high level and sensitive negotiations and mediations which is regular occurrence in the practice.

The indigent litigant primarily an employee or a customer with little or no resources is given the same priority as its commercial corporate clients across every sector of the community. The emerging entrepreneur with little or no expertise seems to be increasing in our client base with the emergence of a new previously disadvantaged business class. The demand for our services at various levels has been countrywide and managed between the Managing Director and CEO personally. Individuals and corporates find it convenient to sign up their branches throughout the country. Amongst the sectors that are presently serviced by us are Wholesale and Retail, Hospitality and Catering Sector, Engineering, Built Environment, Chemical, Paper Industries, Textile, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Taxi Industry, Corner Café and Spaza Shops to mention but to mention a few.

With the exciting growth in the company the Directors have initiated an internal development program to empower and improve the skills of its existing employees. This has been achieved by providing subsidised fees for higher education, attending a range of skills development programs. In-house training programs are on-going on legislative changes, policy development and market trends. The object is to achieve highly skilled all in one support base for dispute resolution in the individual, commercial and corporate sector

  • CCMA Representation
  • Bargaining Council Representation
  • Conciliations and Arbitrations
  • Labour Department Compliance
  • Union / Shop Steward Negotiations
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings
  • Assisting with Proper Retrenchment & Dismissals
  • Advising on all Labour Matters
  • Assisting with Labour Disputes
  • Staff Counselling & Development
  • Management Training
  • Staff Contracts
  • Casual & Domestic Contracts
  • Unfair Dismissals
  • Staff Recruitment
  • UIF and Workmen’s Compensation Registration
  • Restructuring of Company Policy
  • Forms of Disciplinary Processes
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